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The 3 Series


KMI Structural Bodywork realigns your body’s myofascial system (muscles and connective tissue). By lengthening and lifting tissues that have been stuck or immobile you’ll have access to more freedom and resiliency in your body. Your body will have a choice of new movement patterns and you can become less stuck in habits that no longer work for you. It’s a way of exploring your body and its spatial relationships and patterns. New patterns will have new effect on your overall well-being.

The 3 Session is a condensed version of the 12 Session Series. The 12 series allows time to address all of the fascial relationships of the body and works on deeper layers of tissue.

The 3 Session uses the same techniques and principles but focuses on regional work of the lower body, upper body, and the spine.



Session 1

Focuses on the feet, legs and pelvic girdle and its relationship to the rest of the body.

Your feet and legs are your foundation. Your feet are how you make contact with the world and they propel you forward into experience.

They should offer the rest of the body support and resiliency.

Session 2

Focuses on the abdomen, rib cage and shoulder girdle and its relationship to the rest of the body.

Your rib cage and pelvis house your internal organs. You want freedom of breath and good motility in your abdomen. How your shoulders sit on the rib cage will determine whether they pull down on your neck or hang off your rib cage in a way that allows for proper function.


Session 3

Focuses on the head and spine and how it is supporting the rest of the body. This final session is integrating the connection between the pelvic girdle and shoulder girdle into the spine and the head.

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