Amy Mueller, BCTMB, BCSI


I am a nationally certified massage therapist and board certified structural integrationist working in the Minneapolis area. I have practiced massage therapy since 2002, using a blend of techniques including myofascial release. I recently finished a 500 certification in Structural Integration.

I also hold a certificate in pre- and post-natal massage and have additional training in a variety of modalities.

I have taught Swedish massage, body mechanics, spa and hydrotherapy, deep Swedish, onsite and pregnancy massage courses.

I work a great deal with clients’ posture to aid them in finding a natural ease of movement. I do so by using techniques that increase tissue pliability and alleviate tension brought about by habitual patterns and repetitive stress.

I believe in providing individualized, holistic care. My practice supports treating the whole body - not just the area of pain - as well the whole being, not just the body, in order to help clients reach their health and wellness goals.


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